Fanshawe Pioneer Village Historic Lodge

A group of Masons, principally the 1992 Masters, of the two London Districts were inspired by the old Mount Moriah Lodge in London to establish an “Historic Lodge” in the London and Middlesex Heritage Museum’s Pioneer Village, similar to the one in Black Creek Pioneer Village and the one in Muskoka Pioneer Village. In Huntsville. Original plans were to build, furnish and finish an Historic Lodge. A proposal was prepared and presented to the Grand Master in December 1995, and approval in principle for the project was received. In the spring of 1996 an alternate proposal was negotiate with Fanshawe Pioneer Village. In this proposal, an existing 43ft by 32 ft single story brick building, the former Pond Mills Public School, located in the Village, would become the future Historic lodge, in return for repairing and upgrading the building and constructing a much needed storage structure on another site in the village. A new roof was added to the school and the building winterised, broken glass was replaced and the windows finished with putty and linseed oil. The soffits were sealed to keep out racoons, etc.. An integral part of participation in the project is an interpreter programme; it is envisaged that Masons from around south-western Ontario will volunteer their time to greet the public during normal operating hours of the village in the months from April to October. Over 30,000 people visit the village annually, thus it is considered to be an ideal environment in which to remind the public of Freemasonry. In summary, the objective of the project, is to convey the constant and stable nature of Masonry to the general public as exemplified by life in the late 1800’s Ontario. The building and its interpreters will serve to remind the many visitors to the village of the historic and distinguished presence in our society.