Ionic 716 Lodge

Ionic Lodge 716 went dark on March 27th, 2019.

In December of 1964 Charles W. W. Tanner was making a business call to the London Fire department. In talking to the Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Johnson, they discussed Masonic affairs and the new Lodge building for the greater London area. They felt that due to the size of the local Lodges the opportunity of going through the chairs was pretty remote. They then decided to explore the possibility of forming a new Lodge. Charles Tanner consulted with the Grand Master M. W. Bro. Jack Irvine, who gave his blessing to the proposal. Charles Tanner then enlisted the aid of other prominent London Masons, Thomas Johnson, J. Alan Johnston, Warren L. Smith and others.

Charles G. Smuck was invited to be the first Worshipful Master and William L. Davies was the first secretary. A petition was drawn up for presentation to the Grand Lodge. The name chosen for the new Lodge was “The Lodge of Canadian Loyalty”. According to the Constitution of Grand Lodge it was necessary to obtain a 50% consent from the Lodges of the London Masonic District. They gave their support to the new Lodge. A fee of $120.00 for Charter Membership was decided, 32 Masons signed petitions, and $3840.00 was deposited in the bank. The name of the Lodge was then changed to “Ionic”. This new name was accepted by both the London Masons and Grand Lodge.

On 15th February 1965 a petition to institute the new Lodge was presented to the D.D.G.M., R. W. Bro. Robert Cater for submission to Grand Lodge. The formation of the new Lodge was greatly assisted by R. W. Bro. Ross Fuller of Oakridge Lodge No. 708 who’s own Lodge was recently formed in London. Early in March 1965, the lodge was advised to proceed with the Institution under Dispensation. This occurred on 1st April 1965. On 31st March 1965 Robert A. Carter, D.D.G.M., with the assistance of Grand Lodge Officers, carried out the Ceremony of Institution, and Ionic Lodge was presented with Dispensation from Grand lodge. Between 31st march and 31st October 1965 3 applications for affiliation and 12 applications for membership were received.

At the Grand Lodge Communication in July 1965 Ionic Lodge was issued with the number 716 on the Grand Lodge Register of Canada in the Province of Ontario. On 29th October, 1965 some 200 Masons attended the Ceremony of Consecration of Ionic Lodge No. 716 under the direction of M. W. Bro. John A. Irvine assisted by Grand lodge Officers.

The year 1965 was the year the London district was split in two to be known as London East and London West. Wednesday 17th October 1990 Ionic Lodge celebrated their 25th anniversary with a large attendance of local Masons.