Belmont 190

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4th Thursday @ 7:30pm
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London East
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The earliest meetings of Belmont Lodge were held above a store three doors south of the present Lodge Building. The first meeting was held on 12th April, 1867. On 17th May, 1867, the Lodge approved the purchase of collars for the officers, and decided to follow the By-laws of St. George’s lodge No. 42, of London, until a set of their own could be written and approved. On 14th June, 1867 the D.D.G.M. being present, Lodge opened at 8.45 p.m. The work of the evening consisted of: the receipt of three petitions, for which three committees were appointed; four ballots were taken, three of which were favourable; two candidates were initiated prior to “calling off” at twelve; and after “calling on” at 12.50 a.m. a third candidate was initiated. The \re were twelve visitors in attendance, and the Lodge closed in harmony at 1.54 a.m., on 15th June. At the 16th August, 1867 regular meeting, the minutes were headed, for the first time, Belmont Lodge No. 190 as the Charter had been received. At an emergent meeting on 23rd August, 1867 a brother was appointed Tyler at $0.50 per meeting and exempted from paying dues. Three fellowcraft proved their proficiency in that degree and retired. Lodge was opened, for the first time, in the third degree. Two brethren were raise to the third degree prior to “calling off”, at twelve. Labour resumed at 12.15 a.m., and a third brother was raised to the third degree. Lodge was closed in harmony at 2.00 a.m., on the 24th August, with its first newly made Master Masons, and its newly issued Warrant or Charter. At the 5th June 1868 meeting, (held on St. John’s Day), the Worshipful Master was introduced to the D.D.G.M. who examined him. Following the successful examination, the Worshipful Master was installed. Also at this meeting, candidates were passed and raised, then the regular business conducted, followed by the election of officers and their investiture. Lodge closed in harmony at 3.40 a.m. on 5th June. In the early 1900’s the west side of Main Street, Belmont, was in Westminster Township. On the west side of Main Street starting near the creek, was the home of Wm. Sewell , next on the north side was Creamer’s Hotel, which was later sold to John Durand, and for many years was the Post Office. Next was a grocery store owned by George Watcher, and then the Masonic Hall. These last two were believed to be on one lot. The Watcher store is believed to have burned down, and the Masonic Building moved to the east side of the street. The Masonic Hall appears on the assessment rolls for Westminster Township in the years 1897-98-99, but not for 1900, indicating that it had been moved. The assessment for 1897 was $200.00 and in 1899 was $500.00. Indications are that in the early days, beginning in 1867, the Lodge met above Sewell’s store, south of the Hotel barns, where the A & W is now located.