Corinthian 330

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1st Tuesday @ 7:30pm
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Masonic Hall
London West
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Corinthian Lodge No. 330 Middlesex County voted for the incorporation of London East as a Village in May, 1874, with Adelaide Street being the dividing line between London and London East. Lilleys Corners was the Post Office up to this time, located at the corner of Dundas and Adelaide Streets. This building was erected in 1867, and is still standing to-day. There was also a Post Office located at Hamilton Road and Adelaide Streets, called Muir. Very few houses or businesses existed east of Adelaide Street in 1870, but the neighbourhood was growing fast. The Lilley Building was first a Hotel, with Stables and Coach Houses, on Marshall Street. About this time, the Masonic Brethren living around Lilleys Corner and South to Muir Post Office, on Hamilton Road, decided they would like a Lodge in London East. Many of these men were independent oil refiners, getting their crude oil from Petrolia. Some of them came from the City, and some from out of town. Their places of business were on Adelaide Street between York Street and Hamilton Road. After many meetings and consultations, an application was made to the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario for dispensation and Charter to form a new Lodge to meet in London East. Dispensation was granted May 21, 1875, to operate U.D. until the Charter was received. Charter was received and dated July 15, 1875, creating Corinthian Lodge No. 330, A.F. & A.M., G.R.C., J.K. Kerr, Most Worshipful Grand Master. The Charter members of Corinthian Lodge No. 330 came from many of the Lodges in the surrounding area, as well as from afar, as follows: St. George’s Lodge No. 42; Albion Lodge No. 80, Wardsville, now extinct; Kilwinning Lodge No. 64; St. Paul’s Lodge No. 107, Lambeth; Belmont Lodge No. 190; St. John’s Lodge No. 81, Mt. Brydges; the “Mother Lodge” Scotland; Garrison Lodge No. 160, Quebec; and St. John’s Lodge No. 20. During the 1920’s, nearly all of the Lodge Officers were from the Grand Trunk Railway, later the Canadian National Railway. The Lodge held its meetings in many different locations during their first 100 years. From 1875 to 1878, their first Lodge rooms were over Peter Allister’s “Bake Shop” on Adelaide Street near York Street. In December, 1878, they moved into their second home on the third floor of the “Crawford Block”, on the south west corner of Dundas and Adelaide Streets, where the Police Station now stands. In 1892, space was secured on the second floor over J.W. Bartlett’s Hardware Store at 763 Dundas Street. The Brethren met here for 11 years, and the Lodge prospered. In 1903, they decided to join the other City Lodges, downtown, in their Masonic Temple at the north west corner of King and Richmond Streets, after making an initial payment of $500.00. The rent was cheaper than keeping up their own premises. Corinthian met here with the other Lodges until the Masonic Temple was built at 250 Queens Avenue, in 1912. In 1962, this Temple was sold to the London Life Ins Co., and the site of our present Temple on Dufferin Avenue purchased.

London East was incorporated as a village in May, 1874, Adelaide Street being the dividing line between London and London East. Lilleys Corners at the corner of Dundas and Adelaide Streets was a hotel and livery stables and also a post office. The Masonic Brethren living in the area decided it was time to have a Lodge meeting in the area. Dispensation was granted May 21, 1875 and the Charter was received dated July 15, 1875. The first meetings were held above Allisters Bakeshop at the corner of Adelaide and King Street. In 1878 they moved to the Crawford Building (later Globe Casket and now Police Station). London East had become the centre of oil refining, the oil coming from the Petrolia area.. Many of the early members of the Lodge were in the oil business including the first Master, William Fleming and the Senior Warden, Andrew M. Ross. In 1892 the Lodge moved to new premises at 763 Dundas Street over J. W. Bartlett’s Hardware Store. In 1903 the Lodge moved to the rebuilt Masonic Temple at King and Richmond and to the Queens Avenue Temple 1912. The Lodge now meets in the Dufferin Ave Temple on the first Tuesday of the month.