London Masonic Centre gets a Facelift!

Photo of new signage above front door of London Masonic Centre

The London Masonic Centre, formerly known as the London Masonic Temple, at 453 Dufferin Ave, London, recently received a facelift. The adhesive holding the large sheets of marble installed above the entrance was becoming warped and loose. The old fascia was removed, and new material installed. Finally, in June of 2021 the job was completed, along with the installation of its new name. Currently 10 area Lodges call the London Masonic Centre home.

The President of the London Masonic Centre, R.W. Bro. Ray Charles noted that some of the old marble panels weighed up to 700 pounds. The new fascia is a man-made material called ceramitix that has a marble finish, is much lighter and more durable. The section of the original marble displaying the Square and Compasses installed in 1964 has been preserved.