London East District

Right Worshipful Brother Michael G. Brown
District Deputy Grand Master

W. Bro. Chris Skinner
District Secretary


Congratulations to the following brethren from London East District who have also been honoured for their service to Freemasonry, with the following appointments to serve our Grand Lodge in the coming year:

R. W. Bro. James Sutherland
The Board of General Purposes – Honary



NameMeeting Schedule
St. John’s 202ndTuesday
Kilwinning 643rdFriday
Belmont 1904thThursday
Mount Olivet 3003rdThursday
Merrill 3441stThursday
Nilestown 3453rdTuesday
Middlesex 3794thTuesday
Union 3802ndMonday
Moffat 3991stWednesday
Temple 5972ndWednesday
Centennial 6841stTuesday
Ionic 7163rdWednesday
London Daylight 7353rdSaturday